Are your items genuine and authentic?

We get it - our prices are too good to believe. The internet is plagued with stores selling illegal Microsoft software, sometimes it's even hard to tell the difference between a genuine and fake store. We are a licensed Microsoft Partner and all our items come with a product key, license and any addition certification required. In other words, yes, all of our items are genuine and authentic.

How do you keep your prices so low?

We work with Microsoft to acquire items in bulk which means we can sell them at a very inexpensive price point. Our items are not shipped in any retail packaging to keep costs even lower.

How does a 'DIGITAL DOWNLOAD' work?

You will not receive a physical item e.g. installation disc with your purchase. Instead, you will receive a download link and product key for your item - sent to your email address.

How long do your products last for?

All of our items come with lifetime licenses. Once installed and activated, Office will not need to be renewed in the future. We do not sell trials.


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